Monday, December 31, 2007


  • There is no place of fear, but the effort is always to make life secure.
  • It’s fear, its fear of shame, fear of embracement and fear of humiliation, which makes us so small, so coward. And this fear takes everything from us. Be fearless while expressing your thoughts.

Comment- Yet make sure you never hurt any one; try your best………….Because if you hurt any one you are not free there. Never speak any thing against any ones’ religion or belief. It will be a sin against God Himself. And the result will be your death.

· There are fears you have which injures you, it just injures you; having it won’t benefit you at all.

· When you fear you reduces yourself to zero, and that’s very unfair to your real nature.

· It is anxiousness which comes out of fear, makes us more miserable.

· Quaking won’t help. It works against you.

· It is fear which is making me to search for remedy; fear of present and fear of future.